Grow Bigger Calves: Ultimate Guide for Training Calf Muscles

Most people can grow a set of impressive thighs with little thought about programming, exercise selection, and other similar details. Do some squats for the quads, a few sets of Romanian deadlifts for the hamstrings, and some donkey kicks for the glutes. But the calves? Those small and stubborn muscles are a whole other story, […]

8 Best Back Exercises for Strength and Muscle Gain

Having a strong back is beneficial for various reasons. For one, the back musculature plays a crucial role in many upper body activities, including carrying weights and throwing objects. The back also offers torso support and plays a vital role in good posture.  Second, having a developed back makes you look muscular, athletic, and well-proportioned. […]

How To Build a V-Shaped Body: Ultimate Guide

Achieving a V-shaped body is a popular goal today. Many trainees are interested in workout approaches that help them develop a V-shaped look because it makes them more proportional and aesthetic. Plus, a V-shaped body looks great while wearing clothes and tells everyone around you, “Yes, I’m fit.”  In today’s guide, we’ll go over precisely […]

8 Best Shoulder Exercises for Strength and Muscle Gain

While relatively small, the shoulders (deltoids) are essential for our physical abilities and appearance. Solid and developed shoulders make us functional, athletic, and strong. Similarly, developing the muscle group contributes to our overall appearance and makes our arms, chest, and upper back appear more prominent. The problem with shoulder training is that there are many […]

5 Strategies to Break Through a Strength Plateau

Do you ever feel like you’re stalling with your training? Have you ever thought that your workouts might not be producing the results you want? Or maybe, like many others, you’ve trained for years but look pretty much the same from year to year. If any of these rings true, read on because we’ll be […]

7 Tips To Increase Vascularity And Get Those Veins Popping

Real talk: Having your veins pop is one of the coolest and most satisfying things you can experience at the gym. There are only a few things you can do to instantly make yourself appear more muscular and say, “Yeah, I lift.” without opening your mouth. So, today, we decided to look at several actionable […]

Master The Squat For Muscle, Strength, And Power

The squat, often referred to as the king of all exercises, is an amazing full-body activity that builds strength, muscle, and athleticism. Like deadlifts, a deep and strong squat looks much more impressive than alternatives, such as the leg press, lunge, or leg extension.  But, as with most complex activities, practice makes perfect. You need to […]

Master The Bench Press For Muscle, Strength, And Power

Today, the bench press is among the most popular and widely used gym exercises. After all, what’s the first thing people ask when you tell them you lift? It’s probably some variation of “How much do you bench, bro?” But, despite its popularity, the bench press can be challenging to master, and many trainees waste […]

Master The Deadlift For Muscle, Strength, And Power

I’m sure we can all agree that deadlifts are cool. There is something impressive about a person who can walk up to a loaded barbell and rip several hundred pounds off the floor like it was nothing. But, before you can get to this point, you need a fair amount of practice, a deep understanding […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Full Chest Workout

Regardless of how you feel about Arnold, you can’t deny that the man had one hell of a chest back in the day. Peaking at the impressive 58 inches, Arnold’s chest was big. But aside from being big, it was also full, balanced, and insanely remarkable from every angle. Whether doing a front double bicep, hitting […]