Grow Bigger Calves: Ultimate Guide for Training Calf Muscles

Most people can grow a set of impressive thighs with little thought about programming, exercise selection, and other similar details. Do some squats for the quads, a few sets of Romanian deadlifts for the hamstrings, and some donkey kicks for the glutes. But the calves? Those small and stubborn muscles are a whole other story, […]

Mr. Olympia 2023: Results

The Mr. Olympia 2023 competition has come to a grand close, and what an event it was! With the world’s best bodybuilders converging in Orlando, Florida, this year’s contest has left us with some historic moments, breathtaking physiques, and new records. Let’s dive into the details of this prestigious bodybuilding showdown. Derek Lunsford’s Landmark Victory […]

What Are Macros & How to Count Them: Step-by-Step Guide

With the rise in popularity of flexible dieting and if it fits your macros (IIFYM), countless people today are tracking macros to reach their fitness goals. But, like anyone with no experience on the subject, you’re probably wondering what that means and how it works.  Let’s jump in and go over everything you need to […]

8 Best Back Exercises for Strength and Muscle Gain

Having a strong back is beneficial for various reasons. For one, the back musculature plays a crucial role in many upper body activities, including carrying weights and throwing objects. The back also offers torso support and plays a vital role in good posture.  Second, having a developed back makes you look muscular, athletic, and well-proportioned. […]

Prime Hydration Review: Healthier or a Scam?

There are plenty of sports hydration drinks on the market today: Gatorade, Powerade, SoBe Life Water, and countless other options. In early 2022, Logan Paul and fellow Youtuber KSI came together and launched their product: Prime Hydration. But what exactly Prime Hydration, what’s inside it, and, more importantly, is Prime Hydration as good as Logan […]

How To Build a V-Shaped Body: Ultimate Guide

Achieving a V-shaped body is a popular goal today. Many trainees are interested in workout approaches that help them develop a V-shaped look because it makes them more proportional and aesthetic. Plus, a V-shaped body looks great while wearing clothes and tells everyone around you, “Yes, I’m fit.”  In today’s guide, we’ll go over precisely […]

2023 Mr. Olympia: A New Era of Champions?

The world of professional bodybuilding has been abuzz with whispers, speculations, and anticipations leading up to the grandest event of the year, the 2023 Mr. Olympia. Each year, the event takes center stage, showcasing the pinnacle of muscular aesthetics, symmetry, and athleticism. But as we edge closer to the monumental weekend in Orlando, FL from […]

Weight Loss 101: Complete Step By Step Guide

Weight loss is simple. Eat less, move more, and you will get smaller over time.  Yet, despite the simplicity, countless people struggle to make noticeable progress. Even more people struggle to lose actual fat and maintain their muscle.  So, what’s the problem? Information overload. The internet is a true blessing because we now have access to […]

Creatine 101: What Is It, What It Does, And How To Use It

Creatine is one of the most popular fitness supplements today, with an extensive research history dating back to the 1970s.  Unlike many products on the market, research finds that creatine works, delivers numerous health benefits, and is safe for long-term intake. So, let’s look at what creatine is, what benefits you can reap, and how […]

8 Best Shoulder Exercises for Strength and Muscle Gain

While relatively small, the shoulders (deltoids) are essential for our physical abilities and appearance. Solid and developed shoulders make us functional, athletic, and strong. Similarly, developing the muscle group contributes to our overall appearance and makes our arms, chest, and upper back appear more prominent. The problem with shoulder training is that there are many […]