Bum Energy Review: Chris Bumstead’s Health-Centric Energy Drink

In the ever-evolving world of fitness and nutrition, innovation is key, and the latest offering from the collaboration between celebrated bodybuilder Chris Bumstead and RAW Nutrition is a testament to this. Known for his 5x Mr. Olympia Classic Physique titles and influence in the fitness community, Bumstead, alongside RAW Nutrition, has expanded his “CBUM” product line with the introduction of Bum Energy Drink. This addition follows the success of his RTD Preworkouts, Thavage Preworkout, and Itholate Protein, solidifying his influence in the market.

What Sets Bum Energy Apart?

Bum Energy distinguishes itself in a saturated market with its unique approach to packaging and formulation. Unlike the prevalent 16-ounce tall boys or the 8-ounce slim cans, Bum Energy opts for a nostalgic soda-style 12-ounce can. Offering a nod to classic beverage aesthetics while delivering modern nutritional benefits. Moreover, while many energy drinks push the envelope with caffeine content, reaching up to 200mg or even 300mg per serving, Bum Energy takes a moderated stance with 112mg of Natural Caffeine. This amount aligns more closely with the caffeine content of a traditional Red Bull. Aiming for a smoother energy lift with fewer crash effects.

Adding to its unique composition, Bum Energy includes 250mg of Cognizin Citicoline, promoting enhanced focus and cognitive function. Initially launched with two flavors, Orange Sunrise and Cherry Frost, the brand has now expanded to five flavors.

Bum Energy’s Minimalist Approach

At its core, Bum Energy champions a minimalist ingredient philosophy. Bum Energy stands out in the crowded energy drink domain through its dedication to a simplified, health-conscious formulation. Here’s a deeper dive into the nutritional landscape of this distinctive beverage:

Nutrition Information:

  • Sugar-Free Formula: Each serving of Bum Energy prides itself on being devoid of sugar. Catering to those mindful of their sugar intake and looking for a healthier energy boost without the sugar crash associated with many other drinks.
  • Low-Calorie Offering: With only 5 calories per can, Bum Energy is an ideal choice for calorie-conscious consumers. This low-calorie count reflects the brand’s commitment to providing an energy supplement that fits into a variety of dietary preferences. Including those of individuals on calorie-restricted diets.
  • Cognizin Citicoline for Cognitive Support: Each can is fortified with 250mg of Cognizin Citicoline. A renowned ingredient for its role in enhancing cognitive functions such as memory, focus, and brain energy. Citicoline is crucial for the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine, a major phospholipid in brain tissue, supporting brain health and cognitive function.
  • Natural Caffeine for a Clean Energy Boost: Sourced directly from coffee beans, the 112mg of natural caffeine in Bum Energy offers a moderate yet effective energy lift. Unlike synthetic caffeine, natural caffeine provides a smoother onset and offset of energy. Reducing the likelihood of jitters or an abrupt crash.
  • Refreshing Flavor Variety: Bum Energy’s commitment to flavor innovation is evident in its range, including the newly introduced Citrus Burst, alongside favorites like Cherry Frost, Orange Sunrise, and Peach Mango. This variety ensures that there’s a flavor to suit every palate, all while maintaining the drink’s nutritional integrity.

With the addition of Citrus Burst to the lineup, which also includes Cherry Frost, Orange Sunrise, and Peach Mango, Bum Energy offers a refreshing take on the energy drink market. Its commitment to moderate caffeine content, coupled with the benefits of citicoline, positions Bum Energy as a sensible choice for those seeking a balanced and effective energy solution.

Bum Energy Review: A Personal Take

Having had the opportunity to try BUM Energy, I was intrigued by its moderate approach to carbonation, sweetness, and flavor. In an industry where many offerings tend to lean towards the syrupy and overly sweet, Bum Energy’s toned-down profile was a refreshing change. Despite my general reservations towards Cherry and Orange flavors, I found myself appreciating the subtlety and crispness of these drinks. The distinct departure from borrowing flavors from existing CBUM products, opting instead for entirely new creations, marks a creative leap in the product line.

Bum Energy Drink Flavors Review

Citrus Burst: A vibrant, refreshing flavor that brings a crisp citrusy zing, perfect for a revitalizing summer drink. It combines a moderate caffeine boost with cognitive benefits, offering a bright, nuanced taste without the added sugar.

Cherry Frost: This flavor cleverly balances the boldness of cherry with a refreshing frosty twist, avoiding the common medicinal aftertaste. It’s pleasantly sweet (despite being sugar-free), providing a robust flavor experience alongside a clean energy lift.

Orange Sunrise: Capturing the essence of fresh orange juice, Orange Sunrise delivers a vibrant citrus kick with a perfect blend of sweetness and tartness. It’s an excellent sugar-free option for those seeking a classic flavor combined with a moderate energy boost.

Peach Mango: A tropical delight, Peach Mango offers a lush, fruity blend that’s both rich and refreshing. This flavor stands out for its exotic taste profile, offering a juicy escape while supporting cognitive function and maintaining a low-calorie, sugar-free composition.

Score Breakdown

  • Level of Carbonation: 8/10 – The significant carbonation adds a lively texture that I personally enjoy in an energy drink.
  • Level of Sweetness: 6/10 – Bum Energy’s sweetness is restrained, a feature I see as a positive contrast to the often overly sweet alternatives on the market.
  • Level of Flavor: 6/10 – While Cherry and Orange are inherently robust flavors, Bum Energy opts for a more subdued approach, resulting in a crisp and refreshing experience that may not cater to those seeking intense flavor profiles.

Overall Score: 7/10 – My overall enjoyment of Bum Energy is reflective of its balanced carbonation and the pleasant, if not understated, flavor and sweetness levels. While the Cherry and Orange flavors wouldn’t usually be my first choice. The execution here has piqued my interest in what other flavors may be introduced.

The Price

You can purchase Bum Energy in 12-packs on Amazon for $29.99

Final Thoughts

In a world where the extremes often capture the most attention, Bum Energy by Chris Bumstead and RAW Nutrition reminds us of the value in moderation and quality. Whether you’re looking to support your workout, enhance your focus, or simply enjoy a refreshing drink. Bum Energy offers a compelling choice. As we await the introduction of new flavors and innovations, it’s clear that Bum Energy is set to make its mark on the energy drink landscape.

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