2023 Mr. Olympia: A New Era of Champions?

The world of professional bodybuilding has been abuzz with whispers, speculations, and anticipations leading up to the grandest event of the year, the 2023 Mr. Olympia. Each year, the event takes center stage, showcasing the pinnacle of muscular aesthetics, symmetry, and athleticism. But as we edge closer to the monumental weekend in Orlando, FL from November 2-5, 2023, what are the predictions and expectations? Let’s deep-dive into it!

A Glimpse into the Past: Big Ramy’s Reign

Before we dart into the future, it’s essential to acknowledge the colossal achievements of the past, primarily Big Ramy. Crowned the winner in both 2021 and 2022, his physique personified the epitome of muscle mass and power. Yet, while his muscularity is unrivaled, some critiques point towards his aesthetic game, which appears a tad blockier than his contemporaries. Can he deliver a three-peat this year? Only time will tell.

Hadi Choopan: The Persian Wolf’s Prowl

Next on the list of top contenders is Hadi Choopan. Hailing from Iran, Choopan, also known as the “Persian Wolf”, has consistently awed audiences and judges alike. His impeccable blend of muscular density, conditioning, and symmetry makes him a genuine threat to Big Ramy’s crown. His aesthetic game can indeed throw the spanner into the works.

Regan Grimes: The Dark Horse

Amid the mammoths, often, some gems don’t get the spotlight they deserve. Regan Grimes stands as a testament to that. While his name may not have hit the limelight as intensely as others, recent updates on his physique are nothing short of spectacular. Featuring a pristine V-taper and distinguished muscle separation, Grimes might just surprise everyone. Remember, dark horses have the most unexpected victories!

2023 Mr. Olympia: The Road to Qualification

Now, it’s not just about the athletes, but also the journey they embark upon to reach the prestigious stage. The IFBB, as of December 2022, made significant alterations to the qualification process. Gone is the points qualification system; to compete in 2023 Mr. Olympia, you need to clinch a victory in a show during the qualification phase. This ensures that this year, only the crème de la crème will grace the stage.

The Judging Eye: What’s in Store?

The Mr. Olympia competition isn’t merely a display of raw muscle. It’s an art, and like every art form, it has its criteria:

  • Muscle Mass: Size does matter, but so does quality. Muscles should be dense, proportionate, and feature clear separation.
  • Symmetry: The essence of bodybuilding lies in harmony. From delts to triceps, every muscle should resonate with its counterpart, ensuring a cohesive flow.
  • Conditioning: Packing muscle is one side of the coin; the other is showcasing it. Competitors need impeccable muscle conditioning with striations and minimal body fat.

The Classic Physique Olympia: A Class Apart

While the Mr. Olympia is the main attraction, the Classic Physique Olympia is nothing short of a spectacle. The event has a legacy of champions, with Chris Bumstead holding the title since 2019. With competitors like Ramon Rocha Querioz and Terrence Ruffin in the fray, Bumstead’s reign might be challenged.

A Look at the Newcomers

Every year, fresh faces bring in new hopes and possibilities. Athletes like Daniil Famponte, Samuel Paquin, and John Le are all set to make their debut. They’ve shown tremendous potential in their previous pro shows, and it would be exhilarating to see how they match up against the stalwarts.


The 2023 Mr. Olympia is shaping up to be a contest for the ages. With the defending champions, promising newcomers, and seasoned professionals all converging on the grand stage, it promises unparalleled excitement. The countdown has begun. As fans worldwide await the spectacle, one thing’s for certain: this year’s Mr. Olympia will be a testament to human potential, perseverance, and the unyielding spirit of competition.

For those unable to make it to Orlando, remember to catch all the action live through pay-per-view on the Olympia Productions website.

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