Powerlifter Stefi Cohen Accused of Hacking Ex’s Laptop and Posting Nude Pics of His New Girlfriend

Miami, FL — Powerlifting and boxing star Stefi Cohen, widely known in the fitness community, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly hacking into her ex-boyfriend’s computer and sharing nude photos of another woman. The accusations have rocked her followers and the fitness world, as Cohen faces multiple charges, including sexual cyber-harassment and resisting arrest.

The Incident

According to the arrest report, the 32-year-old Cohen, whose full name is Stefanie Cohen Magarici, allegedly accessed her ex-boyfriend’s laptop, which he had left at her home. She reportedly guessed the password to his Apple iCloud account, where she discovered and saved explicit photos of his new girlfriend. Cohen then distributed these photos through group chats, reportedly with the intention of exposing and humiliating the woman.

Legal Charges

The Miami-Dade Police Department charged Cohen with several offenses, including:

  • Sexual cyber-harassment (Felony)
  • Offenses against computer users (Misdemeanor)
  • Criminal mischief (Misdemeanor)
  • Resisting arrest without violence (Municipal Ordinance)

The victim and Cohen’s ex-boyfriend reported the incident to the police in November 2023, leading to the investigation and subsequent arrest.

Arrest and Aftermath

Police apprehended Cohen while she was walking in her Coconut Grove neighborhood. When informed that she was under arrest, Cohen allegedly resisted, attempting to walk away and claiming she needed to call her current boyfriend to pick up her dog. According to the police report, she physically resisted the arrest by trying to sweep an officer off his feet while in handcuffs and breaking the locking mechanism of the police car she was placed in.

Cohen was taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center and was released on a $3,300 bond the following morning. She has since taken to social media, defending herself and describing the accusations as false and motivated by a “vengeful ex-boyfriend.”

Stefi Cohen’s Background

Stefi Cohen is a well-known figure in the fitness community, boasting over a million Instagram followers. She is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and co-owns the Hybrid Performance Method Gym in Miami. Cohen holds 25 powerlifting world records, including records in the squat, deadlift, and total in the 52kg weight class. She transitioned to boxing in 2021, debuting with a knockout victory and currently holds a professional record of 4-1-1.

Legal Proceedings

Cohen is scheduled to appear in court again on June 27. The outcome of the case could have significant implications for her career and reputation. Meanwhile, she continues to maintain her innocence and vows to fight the charges.

As the legal process unfolds, the fitness community and Cohen’s followers await further developments in this high-profile case.

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